Apr 172013
 April 17, 2013  Posted by  Non-U.S.

APNZ reports:

A convicted paedophile claims he was sacked from his high-paying job as a company CEO when a website published details of his offending 36 years after the crimes.

The Director of Human Rights Proceedings told a Human Rights Tribunal hearing at the Auckland District Court that the 58-year-old had his privacy breached by the Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST).

Read more on the New Zealand Herald.

Whatever happens in terms of their final ruling, I suspect the damage has already been done, as what stops anyone outside of NZ from re-posting information that had been publicly displayed on the SST’s web site?  And in this case, it sounds like someone may be determined to make some trouble for the man by ensuring that people know about his past.

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