Jul 252014
 July 25, 2014  Posted by  Non-U.S.

New privacy research reveals the alarming reach of our digital footprint, with some companies’ client files extending to records of casual chats with staff, social media “friends” and deleted CVs.

Seventy-five media studies students made Privacy Act requests for data held on them by banks, social media companies and loyalty cards. It generated a treasure trove of personal information stored by companies such as Trade Me, FlyBuys and One Card – much of it without the individual’s knowledge.

“One student was shocked to read, in her gym file, detailed notes on conversations she’d had with the receptionist, including information on her boyfriend and stress she’s been experiencing about exams,” says a report on the project.

Read more on Otago Daily Times.

What a terrific assignment by Lecturer Kathleen Kuehn  at Victoria University in Wellington. We need more like this to really educate youth!

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