Nov 132013
 November 13, 2013  Posted by  Govt, Non-U.S.

Mathew Dearnaley reports:

Auckland Transport is under fire for claiming a right to pass personal information about Hop card users to third parties unless specifically asked not to.

The council body is urging users of its new $100 million electronic ticketing system to register their AT Hop cards to safeguard any stored credit if those are lost, stolen or blocked because of failure to tag off at the end of trips.

But it is standing by a “privacy” policy requiring bus, rail or ferry users not wanting it to share their personal details with other organisations to ask it in writing not to do so.


Its policy includes a rider that “we will only do this where those third parties have contracted with Auckland Transport to keep the information confidential, or are subject to obligations to protect your personal information.”

But a spokesman for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner said its preference was for information not to be shared between organisations without permission from customers.

Read more on New Zealand Herald.

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