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 January 9, 2018  Posted by  Announcements, Non-U.S.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is offering $3,500 to a designer or artist who can help create a winning privacy trust mark.

The Privacy Commissioner wants a trust mark design that is attractive and conveys a ‘privacy first’ approach taken by a product or service. Graphic designers and artists are invited to enter the Privacy Trust Mark Design Competition to create an eye-catching logo to represent privacy-friendly goods and services.

Trust, control and transparency are essential to the digital economy, and privacy certification can play an important role in promoting privacy-positive behaviours. A privacy trust mark would enable the Privacy Commissioner to indicate services or products that take data protection seriously and give customers confidence their personal information will be respected and protected.

A trust mark is a symbol that lets consumers know that the product or service they are considering buying, using or subscribing to is reliable and trustworthy. Trust marks are created by industry or watchdog organisations to reassure customers about the quality or protection that comes with a product or service.

Some well known examples of trust marks include Environmental Choice, Dolphin Friendly, Heart Tick and Certified Organic.

The Privacy Commissioner believes a privacy trust mark is an indicator that will offer consumers an easy way to differentiate between products and services.

For a chance to win the $3,500, designers are asked to submit their concept design drawings by 15 February 2018. You can find out more about the Privacy Trust Mark Design Competition on the Office of the Privacy Commissioner website here.

For more information, contact Sam Grover 021 959 050.

Source:  Office of the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand

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