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 June 21, 2018  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Thomas J. Prohaska reports a follow-up to a situation I had mentioned on this site previously:

The New York Civil Liberties Union has asked New York State education officials to revoke funding for a project to install facial recognition software in Lockport schools.

The organization contends the Lockport school district’s plan endangers the rights of students and teachers.

In a letter Monday, the NYCLU asked the state Education Department to cancel its approval of the $2.75 million project.

“It is alarming that Lockport’s proposal for use of facial recognition technology was not subject to further scrutiny due to its privacy implications and other civil liberties concerns,” wrote John A. Curr III, NYCLU western region director, and Stefanie D. Coyle, education counsel, to Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia.

Read more on Buffalo News.

h/t, Joe Cadillic

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