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 May 24, 2013  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Last week, I noted that a photography exhibit in New York was raising concerns about privacy, as the photographer, Arne Svenson, had taken pictures of his neighbors in their apartments across the street without their knowledge or consent. Now there’s a lawsuit over the matter.  Adam Klasfeld of Courthouse News reports:

Martha and Matthew Foster sued [photographer Arne] Svenson in New York County Court, on behalf of themselves and their minor children. The gallery is not a party to the complaint.

The Fosters live across the street from Svenson’s studio, and say in their complaint that they had no inkling that he used them as his subjects for more than a year.

“On or about April 29, 2013, plaintiffs learned that an article had appeared in the Tribeca Citizen, a weekly news journal covering their neighborhood, which included a photograph of plaintiff Martha Foster holding her daughter Delaney inside their apartment,” the complaint states.

Read more on Courthouse News.

h/t, Venkat Balasubramani

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