May 282020
 May 28, 2020  Posted by  Govt, Healthcare

Erin Durkin reports on Mayor DeBlasio’s plans:

….  When someone tests positive for Covid-19, contact tracers will get their information from a state database and attempt to call them. If they can’t reach the patient by phone, they will visit their home to ask them who they’ve been in close contact with, defined as spending more than ten minutes within six feet of each other.

A patient’s consent is not required for their test results to be logged in the state database. But contact tracers will not have legal power to force New Yorkers to answer questions about their contacts, and will have to rely on their willingness to cooperate.

Read more on Politico.

And what requires tracers to maintain any confidentiality or not go blabbing to others?  Is there any privacy assurances and enforcement or accountability?

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