May 042013
 May 4, 2013  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

Paula Katinas reports:

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott defended a controversial plan to allow private businesses to get a look at information about public school students, telling a town hall audience in Bensonhurst that pupil’s privacy would not be violated.

 Read more on the Brooklyn Eagle.
The fact that the schools will be providing “names, addresses, test scores, and disciplinary, health and attendance records” is a violation of pupils’ privacy as far as I’m concerned if the parents have not consented to it and have made it clear that they want to opt out but are not being allowed to.
It’s funny how politicians who go apeshit over making the morning-after pill available to 15 year-olds, claiming it infringes on parental rights,  are quiet when it comes to parental rights to protect their children’s privacy when it comes to school records.

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