Nov 272013
 November 27, 2013  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Parents and school district officials in New York are no longer buying the “Trust us, it’s all good” kool-aid that the state education department has been handing out. William Kemble reports:

School district officials are unclear about how much information about students will be available through vendors hired by the state to organize data under the federal Race to the Top program.

Concerns about the security of student profiles was discussed Tuesday during a Board of Education meeting, with district trustees told that state Education Department officials are not being given information about how private companies will be accountable for maintaining confidential information.

“The state is not providing school districts the confidentiality requirements that they are including in their contracts with the vendors,” board President Deirdre Burns said. “They have not done it even though New York is supposed to have chosen a vendor by Nov. 15.”

Read more on Daily Freeman News.

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