Jan 172019
 January 17, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, U.S., Youth & Schools

If you’re a responsible parent of a school-age child, you’ve probably already had at least one conversation with your child(ren) about not taking nude selfies, not storing any sensitive pictures on a phone, and certainly not sharing any such pictures.

It’s time to have a booster conversation, and you can use a situation in upstate New York to start the conversation.

Amanda Valdes reports:

A cautionary message is coming from the Greece Police Department as they investigate inappropriate photographs of students circulating at one of the high schools.

Police say the images show students in various forms of undress.

“It’s all together bad for the youngsters and for these people who are taking these images and sharing them out,” said Sgt. Jared Rene, of the Greece Police Department.

One Greece mother decided to share her story with 13WHAM in hopes that it will help stop what’s going on. We are respecting her privacy and that of her daughter’s by not showing sharing their names, or where the student attends school.

Police say they are investigating if the photos are legitimate, and who is responsible for sharing them.

Read more on 13WHAM.  And don’t brush this off thinking it’s likely high school or older teens. Problems start much earlier than parents always seem to think.

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