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 February 29, 2016  Posted by  Election2016, Surveillance

Michael T. Bucci writes:

What are the positions of U.S. presidential candidates on NSA domestic spying, personal privacy and the Fourth Amendment?…..

Donald Trump would be “fine” with restoring provisions of the Patriot Act to allow the NSA to once again collect American phone metadata in bulk.

Ted Cruz has denounced hoarding tens of billions of records of ordinary Americans. “When the focus of law enforcement and national security is on ordinary citizens rather than targeting the bad guy, we miss the bad guys while violating the constitutional rights of American citizens,” he said.

However, while Cruz publicly defended Snowden in 2013, he now says: “Snowden is a traitor, and he should be tried for treason.”

Marco Rubio, who considers the U.S.A. Freedom Act an anti-intelligence law, laments the loss of the metadata program and has accused other candidates of weakening national security.

“If ISIS had lobbyists in Washington, they would have spent millions to support the anti-intelligence law (the USA Freedom Act) that was passed with the help of some Republicans now running for president,” he charged.

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h/t, FourthAmendment.com

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