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Arunima Bhattacharya reports:

 There is no reason for creation of a separate legal framework under ‘right to be forgotten’ to delink ‘irrelevant information’ from the Internet, Google Inc told Delhi High Court on Thursday.

The submission was made in an affidavit placed before Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva by Google which has contended that even if it disables or blocks a site in its search engine, that webpage will remain on the original website and would be accessible on other search engines.

This view was also echoed by the court while hearing an NRI’s plea seeking he be “delinked” from information regarding a criminal case involving his wife in which he was not a party. He has also sought removal from the records of the trial court order which mentions him.

That case will be continued on April 24, according to TheLinkPaper.ca.

But there are other cases heard at the Karnataka High Court that are worth noting. In one case, the court

directed its Registry to make sure that an internet search made in the public domain would not reflect the woman’s name in a previous criminal order passed by the same High Court. …  The woman’s father had approached the court seeking directions to mask the woman’s name in an earlier order passed by the High Court. The petitioner had stated that his daughter feared grave repercussions if her name was associated with her earlier case and it would affect her relationship with her husband and also her reputation in the society.

In another case:

The Delhi High Court is currently hearing a matter (Laksh Vir Singh Yadav vs. Union of India, WP(C) 1021/2016) where the petitioner has requested for the removal of a judgment involving his mother and wife from an online case database. The petitioner claims that the appearance of his name in the judgment is causing prejudice to him and affecting his employment opportunities.

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