Jan 262016
 January 26, 2016  Posted by  Misc

James Farrell writes:

Can you imagine this:

You promised your girlfriend/boyfriend last week, in an email, that you’d accompany him/her to the gym (you put on a ton of weight over the holidays). You never made it to the appointment.

“I forgot,” you tell your loved one.

“Impossible,” is the reply you’re met with, “Cortana would have reminded you.”

This is a possible scenario if you decide to allow Microsoft’s digital assistant freedom to roam around your PC, letting you know what you’ve forgotten, promised and abandoned. Part of Microsoft’s update for Windows 10, first to members of the Insider Program and later to all Windows 10 users, is making Cortana a little bit more indispensable in that she will make sure you meet all your commitments. The voice assistant will do this by scanning your emails.

Read more on Silicon Angle.  This is also discussed on Computerworld, and I expect we’ll see lots more on it.

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