Nov 202010
 November 20, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance

Jon Pincus kindly provides a recap:

The Privacy Coalition is a nonpartisan coalition of consumer, civil liberties, educational, family, library, labor, and technology organizations that has been meeting regularly since 2001.  Today’s call discussed the TSA backlash.  Marc Rotenberg of EPIC moderated.  Speakers included Ralph Nader, Jaspreet Singh of United Sikhs, and New York City Councillor David Greenfield.  There was a lot of discussion as well, from people with a range of perspectives who have been working on this issue for quite a while.

Read more on I Will Opt Out of TSA Scan.  If you’re interested in this issue, you’ll want to bookmark that site.

Some other excellent resources are Fly With DignityNational Opt-Out Day, and We Won’t Fly.   You can find additional articles and links on their sites.

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