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 January 23, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Surveillance

Eline Buvarp Aardal reports on a raid that was previously covered on this blog back in December, although at the time, it was reported that 2,000 people were affected.

Italian police have asked colleagues in Norway to obtain personal information about the two bloggers from a server in Oslo. Server belong to the organization Autistici , which offers confidential e-mail and blogs for political activists including Norway, Italy, Russia and the Netherlands.

Law enforcement took entire hard drives, containing personal information on 7,000 uninvolved users.

Read more on nrk.no (I read it through Google’s translation service).

On the website of Autistici have also published a statement about the Norwegian raid on the server:

“When such things happen in China or Iran are those who care about privacy to the streets to protest against the” regimes “as the spying on citizens. But when it happens right in front of them they become confused, perhaps because the media blows up the petty scandals that happen in this country are insignificant. “

It seems like it took Slashdot to make more people aware of this incident and its implications for privacy and data protection.

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