Oct 122010
 October 12, 2010  Posted by  Laws, Youth & Schools

I’m  no longer amazed when journalists occasionally report as news that schools cannot reveal disciplinary outcomes of students due to FERPA. In today’s installment, Michael Brindley reports:

When students are disciplined for bullying, privacy laws prevent school officials from telling victims and their parents what action was taken, Superintendent Mark Conrad said last week.

During a meeting last week focusing on the state’s new anti-bullying law, Conrad said the lack of information can be a frustrating issue for parents of children who have been bullied, but he said the new law maintains that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act applies. The federal law is intended to act as a protection for the privacy of student education records.

Read more in the Nashua Telegraph.

Ask not what the school district has done to someone else’s child. Ask what the school district is doing to protect or assist your child. That you have a right to know.

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