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 January 28, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Court

Miles Klee reports a less-than-impressive sentence in a privacy breach case involving a police officer:

Weeks after the state secured its first conviction under a new revenge porn law, a California Highway Patrol officer pled no contest to felony charges over duplicating and sharing intimate photos found on the phones of women in his custody—and got three years’ probation.

Sean Harrington, who resigned from the force when the charges were filed last October, had illegally searched the phones of two “Jane Does” he’d pulled over on the job.

Read more on The Daily Dot.

Yes, I realize he lost his job, which is a heavy consequence, but he faced felony charges and betrayed public trust. Three years’ probation does not seem adequate given the gravity of the charges.

h/t, @Cyber_War_News

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