Jun 032023
 June 3, 2023  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, Laws, U.S., Workplace

Kevin Bessler reports:

Despite a suggestion by the Illinois Supreme Court that the legislature needs to address concerns about excessive damage awards connected to the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), nothing has changed.

The high court ruled that a separate claim accrues each time data is collected, such as a finger scan. White Castle is facing potential lawsuit damages of up to $17 billion as a result of the ruling.

In the first case to go to trial, BNSF Railway had to pay $228 million after truck drivers brought a class-action lawsuit over the company’s policy of scanning their fingerprints when they entered BNSF rail yards.

Business groups have been pleading with lawmakers to address the law, which has spawned hundreds of lawsuits, none of which have proven harm to anyone.

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