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 February 3, 2018  Posted by  Misc

DutchNews.nl reports:

Relatives who really do not want their family member to donate their organs after death will still have the final say if the Netherlands switches to a ‘yes unless’ donor register, the bill’s backer Pia Dijkstra said on Friday. Dijkstra, an MP for the Liberal democratic party, was told earlier this week by senators to go into more detail about the role of relatives in her plan which is currently on the table in the upper house of parliament. Relatives will have priority if they have very major objections, even if the deceased had expressly backed donation, Dijkstra said.

Read more on DutchNews.nl.

So… I find this somewhat appalling. If a person wishes to be an organ donor, and that thought/decision gives them a sense of peace or purpose or accomplishment, why should they be robbed of that after their death by relatives? Now, you may argue, “But Dissent, they’re already dead, so it’s not like they’ll know or be upset.” And you might be partly right, but why would you rob someone of self-determination when they could no longer assert their right to make decisions? Why should your feelings about their life-transforming donation trump their wishes?

I hope the Dutch people give this a lot of serious thought and reflection and opt to respect an individual’s right to decide how to dispose of their belongings and property – including their own person.

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