Apr 222010
 April 22, 2010  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Online

Following up on a case previously covered (here and here), MaryAnn Spoto reports:

An appellate court ruled today a blogger who wrote about the online pornography industry is not protected under New Jersey’s shield law in a defamation lawsuit brought by a Freehold-based software company.

In a 48-page ruling authored by Appellate Court Judge Anthony Parrillo, the court said Shellee Hale was not working as a journalist or a reporter when she posted comments about Too Much Media LLC to an online website.


Locascio ruled Hale, who said she intended to publish her findings on her website Pornafia.com, was not a member of the news media because she was not affiliated with a media organization and had not performed roles of a journalist, such as fact-checking.

Read more on NJ.com.

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