Oct 092014
 October 9, 2014  Posted by  Laws

Michael Booth reports:

New Jersey lawmakers may soon enact legislation that would limit access to information from event data recorders installed in automobiles that track speed, location, time of use and the number of people inside an automobile.

Citing privacy concerns, three legislators are sponsoring bills that would make the information on an automobile’s event data recorder—also known as a car’s “black box”—the property of the vehicle’s owner and would restrict how that information may be obtained from third parties, such as law enforcement, insurance carriers and adversaries in civil matters.

The Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee on Oct. 2 unanimously recommended passage of A3579, sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, D-Gloucester. An identical bill, S2433, sponsored by state Sens. Fred Madden Jr., D-Gloucester, and James Beach, D-Camden, is pending before the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee.

Read more on New Jersey Law Journal (reg. req.)

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