Sep 142017
 September 14, 2017  Posted by  Govt, Misc

From the good folks at EPIC:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released revised guidance for automated vehicles. The modified guidance encourages manufacturers to develop best practices to minimize cybersecurity risks. However, the NHTSA guidance lacks mandatory standards and fails to safeguard privacy statingthat the Federal Trade Commission is responsible for consumer privacy. Previous NHTSA guidanceestablished privacy standards and required developers to minimize data collection. The Senate Commerce Committee is now considering the “AV START Act” concerning automated vehicles. The draft bill proposes voluntary cybersecurity and also lacks consumer privacy standards. Today the NSTB also released findings that Tesla’s autopilot feature contributed to a highway fatality earlier this year. EPIC has long advocated for privacy and cybersecurity safeguards to be a central component of automated vehicle development.

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