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 June 22, 2017  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

Joe Cadillic writes:

According to an article in the Telegraph, Houston County’s $46.5 million dollar 911 center allows police to spy inside homes and businesses:

“If the alarm goes off at your business, 911 operators will be able to view a live video stream from the security surveillance system and tell law enforcement what’s happening.”

“.. we’ll be able to have video streaming like if a burglar alarm goes off at a store … We can see inside of the store and see who’s in there,” Houston County sheriff’s Capt. Ricky Harlowe said.

Police to use FirstNet to spy inside homes

FirstNet or Next Generation 911 allows police to spy inside people’s homes, and businesses without a warrant.

Police don’t need a warrant because citizens and business owners have given their alarm companies permission to spy on their homes.

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