Mar 062014
 March 6, 2014  Posted by  Breaches, Misc, U.S.

An article on Newsweek by Leah McGrath Goodman is getting a lot of negative feedback. In her piece on the creator of Bitcoin, Goodman repeatedly acknowledges Satoshi Nakamoto’s desire for – and efforts to protect his – personal privacy, yet the piece provides a lot of personal details on him, including a picture of his home with his car in the driveway – with the license plate number not even blurred. Within minutes, the home had been located via Google StreetView.

Did Goodman and Newsweek go too far, or is this all ethical and fair game because of public interest in the man behind Bitcoin?

Personally, I think posting a picture of his home and license plate number went over the top, but read the article and see what you think.


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