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 November 14, 2010  Posted by  Online, Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Sam Raffield reports:

VSU has new software that traces student use of illegal downloading systems to individual computers.

Over this past summer, “Ares,” a new P2P program/protocol became popular among college students. Ares allows its users to evade school network controls that limit P2P use.

The University System of Georgia increased efforts to identify the users of this software.

In previous years, VSU’s network could detect P2P software but could not pinpoint individuals.

The rebuilding of VSU’s Hallnet in August abled it to track and isolate individual computers using P2P providers, like LimeWire and FrostWire.

Once individuals are identified, VSU hands responsibility over to police. Users can face felony punishments, including a possible prison sentence of up to five years and fine of up to $250,000 per offense.

Read more on The Spectator, the student newspaper of Valdosta State University

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