Aug 202010
 August 20, 2010  Posted by  Online, Youth & Schools

The Waco Independent School District has issued new regulations for school personnel with respect to use of social media, and in particular, online interactions with students. John Cuoco reports on the guidelines for KXXV. The regulations are interesting to read. here’s just one of them:

The employee is prohibited from knowingly communicating with students through a personal social network page; the employee must create a separate social network page (professional page) for the purpose of communicating with students. The employee must enable administration and parents to access the employee’s professional page.

Read more on KXXV.

Whether you agree with all of the guidelines or not, it’s nice to see a district trying to be proactive. It’s not completely clear to me, though, from the coverage and quotes from individuals whether these are enforceable regulations or are just “guidelines.” Hopefully, they are regulations.

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