Jan 062012
 January 6, 2012  Posted by  Misc

The Illinois Tollway has established a formal privacy policy to protect the collection and use of personal information obtained from I-PASS customer records.

The policy was implemented to comply with House Bill 3342, which was sponsored by state Rep. Kelly Burke (D-Oak Lawn) and state Sen. Toi Hutchinson (D-Chicago Heights) and signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn in August 2011.


The new policy protects “locational privacy,” a person’s right not to be tracked while driving. It ensures that the Illinois Tollway will not be forced, under Illinois’ Freedom of Information law or by other means, to disclose any personal data, including the date, time, location or direction of travel of I-PASS customers, with anyone other than the customer. The only exceptions to the policy will be in response to a subpoena or to assist law enforcement when there is a public safety emergency or for other lawful purposes.

Read more on Naperville Sun.

I was really excited reading that last paragraph until I got to “the only exceptions.” “Other lawful purposes” can cover a lot of ground and I would have preferred to see a warrant required.

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