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 April 23, 2011  Posted by  Online

A new organization aims to address a long-standing problem: how online invasion of privacy can cause harm to individuals.  From their home page:

Without My Consent is a project to combat online invasions of privacy.

It’s no secret that the use of private information to harm a person’s reputation through public humiliation and harassment is an increasingly popular tactic employed by harassers. Because of the online (“cyber”) nature of the activity, victims are often left with no clear path to justice to restore their reputation, and overcome the serious harms caused by the harassment.

This website is intended to empower individuals harmed by online privacy violations to stand up for their rights. The beta launch of the site (set for Summer 2011) will focus on the specific problem of the publication of private images online. It will provide legal and non-legal tools for combating the problem. Our hope is that the site will also inspire meaningful debate about the internet, accountability, free speech, and the serious problem of online invasions of privacy.

See WithoutMyConsent and follow @WithoutConsent on Twitter.

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