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 September 11, 2010  Posted by  Govt, Online

Ed Vogel of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a new section of the state’s site at allows anyone to look up a resident or business by name to see how much they owe the state.    The idea behind it seems to be to “name and shame” those who owe taxes to the state.

The new section doesn’t appear ready for prime-time, which the state acknowledges.  There is currently no search tool and you can either click on links for batches of pages (there are currently 174 pages), or open a pdf file to see the entire listing. The pdf version does not list entities in any kind of order, but at least you could use the “find” function in Adobe or your browser to help search for a specific name.

Scrolling through the database, many of the amounts owed by individuals appear to be under $1,000, although there’s no way to conveniently run any actual statistics without a differently formatted database.   A number of businesses seem to owe the state a good amount of money, with Con-Con Corp. (dba Seven Seas Restaurant & Lounge) reportedly owing over $1.5 million.

Read more about the name and shame approach in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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