Apr 112010
 April 11, 2010  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Police in Missouri will have the authority to extract blood samples from suspected drunken drivers without a warrant, if a new bill in Missouri becomes law.


Missouri representative Rachel Bringer supports tightening restrictions on past offenders.

Bringer said “If someone fails to take a breathalyzer test their drivers license is revoked for one year by the department of revenue. But in some parts of the state for various reasons that isn’t happening, so there has been some different ideas about how to how to address that. One of the ideas was a warrant-less blood draw.”

Bringer admits the proposal needs work from where it stands right now and that the warrant-less blood test likely wouldn’t make it through.

Read more on WGEM.

So let’s see…. we engage in a warrantless intrusive procedure that poses a risk to the individual rather than just smack around the folks who aren’t enforcing the mandatory revocation? Jeez….

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