Feb 242017
 February 24, 2017  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance

Mike Maharrey writes:

SANTA FE, N.M. (Feb. 23, 2017) – Yesterday, the New Mexico Senate unanimously passed a bill known as the Electronic Data Privacy Act. Final passage of the bill would not only protect privacy in New Mexico, but would also hinder at least two aspects of the federal surveillance state.

Sen. Peter Wirth (D) and Sen. Jim Dines (D) sponsor Senate Bill 61 (SB61). The legislation would help block the use of cell site simulators, known as “stingrays.” These devices essentially spoof cell phone towers, tricking any device within range into connecting to the stingray instead of the tower, allowing law enforcement to sweep up communications content, as well as locate and track the person in possession of a specific phone or other electronic device.

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