Feb 172013
 February 17, 2013  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Govt, Laws

Eric Roper reports:

Another lawsuit emerged this week alleging that government employees misused driver’s license data, marking the latest of several legal battles over the issue now winding through federal court.


In its third such lawsuit, law firm Farrish Johnson filed suit against the state this week on behalf of a man whose record was allegedly among 1,100 queried by an unnamed employee at the Minnesota Department of Human Services over 11 months — largely without an authorized purpose. The suit is seeking class-action status.

Altogether, at least nine federal lawsuits have been filed in the last year relating to misuse of the driver and vehicle services (DVS) database. All but one target government entities and four are related to a recent breach.

Read more on the Star Tribune.

How much have lawsuits cost the state already and will they cost the state? Wouldn’t the money have been better spent on improving access controls, audits, and security of the database?

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