Dec 222022
 December 22, 2022  Posted by  Laws, Online, U.S., Youth & Schools

Lindsey Tonsager and Madeline Salinas of Covington and Burling write:

Last week, New Jersey Assemblyman Herb Conway Jr. introduced a bill similar to the California Age-Appropriate Design Code (“CA AADC”) enacted in September.  The bill, NJ A4919, tracks the CA AADC in many respects but contains several notable differences, which we summarize below:

  • Covered businesses.  The CA AADC applies to any online service, product, or feature likely to be accessed by children, with exceptions for broadband internet access services, telecommunications services, and the delivery or use of a physical product.  However, NJ A4919 would apply only to online services, products, or features likely to be accessed by children that are offered by a social media platform.

Read more at Inside Privacy.

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