Nov 062010
 November 6, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Featured News, Laws

From the FTC’s press release:

The Federal Trade Commission has a new Business Center at that gives business owners, attorneys, and marketing professionals the tools they need to understand and comply with the consumer protection laws, rules, and guides the FTC enforces.

The Business Center provides practical, plain-language guidance about advertising, credit, telemarketing, privacy, and a host of other topics.  A series of short videos explain the bottom line about what businesses need to know to comply, and the Business Center blog gives readers the latest compliance tips and information.

A new video encourages businesses to use and share the free resources in the Business Center to enhance compliance and build their customers’ trust.  Companies can use the compliance tips in their newsletters and blogs, share the resources with their social and professional networks, use the videos for in-house trainings or presentations, and order free materials to hand out at conferences or community events.

Privacy and Security resources on the site are linked from here and include links to relevant federal laws, case notes, upcoming workshops and events, and compliance documents.  A separate compilation of resources on Data Security can be found here.

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