Apr 062019
 April 6, 2019  Posted by  Court, U.S., Youth & Schools

Laura Faith Kebede reports:

Nashville school leaders have appealed to Tennessee’s highest court to keep from sharing student information with state-run charter schools.

Lawyers for Metro Nashville Public Schools appealed their case to the state Supreme Court on Friday. The court will now have to decide if they want to take up the case, but there’s no timeline on that, said Lora Fox, Nashville’s lawyer in the case.

Any ruling would also apply to Shelby County Schools in Memphis, where district leaders also defied the state’s order to release student information.

The case between Nashville and the state touches on issues of student privacy, school choice, and competition for students in Tennessee’s two largest districts, home to most of the state’s charter schools.

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This is an issue that has come up elsewhere, too. Because charter schools are public schools,  the appeal should fail, but we’ll see.


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