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 August 1, 2009  Posted by  Business, Online

Kudos to Christopher Soghoian for his public and effective advocacy on the issue of opt-out cookies. As an update to his efforts, Chris writes on Slight Paranoia:

One week ago, I published an open letter to the Network Advertising Initiative, in which I complained that the behavioral advertising opt-out cookies offered by many NAI members had been set to shamefully short periods of time — in some cases, as short of six months.

Over the past few days, executives from many NAI member firms contacted me to let me know that they were shifting to a better policy. I outlined the updated policies of those companies in this blog post.

This morning, I was contacted by the Executive Director of the Network Advertising Initiative, who informed me that the group will be requiring that all NAI member firms set their opt-out cookies to last at least five years. I expect to see news of this posted to the NAI site in the next few days.

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