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 September 28, 2013  Posted by  Non-U.S., Workplace

Ivan Camilleri reports:

A circular sent by Enemalta’s HR department asking its 1,500 employees to provide their ‘personal’ mobile numbers and e-mail addresses may be in breach of data protection laws, according to Commissioner Joseph Ebejer.

Times of Malta is informed that the corporation’s new HR manager, former General Workers’ Union official Roberto Cristiano, recently gave employees two days to send in their personal contact details.

Various Enemalta workers who contacted Times of Malta complained Mr Cristiano had no right to ask for such information as this breaches data protection law.

Read more on Times of Malta.

There was probably a better way to handle this, but don’t employers have a right to ask employees for their home or personal phone number? How can they call them if they need to reach them to ask them to come in urgently or to change their hours for the next day or whatever? As to personal e-mail addresses, well, why not just give everyone a corporate e-mail address and make it part of work obligations to check it daily?

I must be missing something here. Or are things so different overseas?

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