Jun 102021
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ICYMI, here are some interesting privacy new items, courtesy of Joe Cadillic:

The Global Law Enforcement Convention Weakens Privacy & Human Rights:
The EU has introduced a new ‘digital’ ID. Here’s what it means for you:
If approved, the plan would allow people to use a facial recognition app to prove their identity online, whether that’s to verify their age or to check their driver’s license.
The ICAO Encourages Countries To Share Advanced Passenger Information And Vaccine Passport Information:
(The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a “United Nations Specialized Agency”)
Arriving soon: U.N. recommended global air travel surveillance and passenger profiling with no democratic control
Seven EU Countries Roll Out Digital COVID Certificates (Vaccine Passports)
EU justice chief: Some data privacy cases should be fast-tracked
How China’s massive Digital Silk Road project threatens privacy around the globe:
Less well known is China’s massive infrastructure program known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the signature project of China’s leader, Xi Jinping. Xi’s vision included creating a vast network of railways, energy pipelines, highways, and streamlined border crossings, both westward – through the mountainous former Soviet republics – and southward, to Pakistan, India, and the rest of Southeast Asia. Such a network would expand the international use of Chinese currency, the renminbi, and “break the bottleneck in Asian connectivity,” according to Xi.
Denmark- Dutch parents sue TikTok for €1.4 billion:
Malaysia- Police use drones to detect to detect people with high temperatures:
Biden’s CBP has quietly deployed a facial recognition app to ID asylum seekers:
“U.S. border officials have taken an unprecedented step, quietly deploying a new app, CBP One, which relies on controversial facial recognition, geolocation and cloud technology to collect, process and store sensitive information on asylum seekers before they enter the U.S.”
Baltimore could enact nation’s strictest facial recognition ban:
As expected, Justice Kavanagh sides with allowing police to enter people’s homes without a warrant:
Experian And Microsoft will allow business users worldwide to access customers personal data:
“Business users globally can access Experian’s Aperture Data Studio as well as real-time address, email and phone validation APIs through Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AppSource marketplaces.”
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