Dec 102020
 December 10, 2020  Posted by  Featured News

Many of us get so busy with things during the holiday season, and with COVID-19 and the election lawsuits, it’s hard to keep up with all the privacy news. Thankfully, Joe Cadillic can help us keep up.  Here are just a few links to a few news items that Joe compiled for the privacy-conscious:

European Police Will Search Your Car for Evidence of Ski Gear:
European Commission proposes new data governance measures for EU data sharing:
EFF Urges Appeals Court to Rehear Case Involving Unconstitutional Baltimore Aerial Surveillance Program:
VA-Appeals Court: Police Cannot Randomly Search People’s Clothing And Vehicles Based On Prior Arrest Record:
“Both sides agree that Zeke (police dog) gave a positive alert signifying he detected drugs inside Loren Varner’s car. Varner, who was standing away from the car with Officer Michael Roane, alleges that K-9 officer Jeremy Johnson manufactured this alert by smacking the side of his car, and that Zeke then gave his alert by jumping up and  placing his paws on the vehicle.”
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