Mar 182021
 March 18, 2021  Posted by  Misc

Links courtesy of Joe Cadillic:

W.H.O.: Countries Should Not Require Coronavirus ‘Vaccine Passports’

Data Privacy post COVID-19: What has changed and where do we go now?

The EU wants to have all private chats, messages, and emails automatically searched for suspicious content:

EDPB adopts guidelines on connected vehicles:

Latvia- The Data State Inspectorate publishes guidance on biometric data processing in retail:

Spain- Data Protection Authority fined CAIXABANK, S.A. 6,000.000 EUR for privacy violations:

Spain- Data Protection Authority fined equifaz 50,000 EUR for privacy violations:

Hong Kong- Government Says Right To Be Forgotten Is “Not A Thing”

NY- Evidentiary Seizures Let NYPD Police Take Your Smartphone. They Don’t Have to Give It Back:
“The NYPD seized 55,511 cellphones last year, according to a disclosure report released yesterday.”

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