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Joe Cadillic is doing a weekly roundup of privacy news.  Some of what he links to relate to stories covered on this site and, but he has links to a lot of stories that I never get to add to my sites, so go check his site.  Here’s a few of the links he posted this week to get you  started:

Meet the Dutchman who cried foul on Europe’s contact tracing technology:
Apple whistleblower calls for privacy probes into Big Tech voice assistants:
“A former Apple contractor called on EU privacy watchdogs Wednesday to investigate the firm’s past and present use of Siri recordings nine months after reports emerged of the firm listening in without users’ knowledge.
Hamburg privacy boss calls for overhaul of EU contact-tracing privacy rules:
“I’m completely critical of the enforcement structure of the GDPR,” said Caspar, whose office is in charge of overseeing the German activities of several Silicon Valley firms. “The whole system doesn’t work.”
International Proposals for Warrantless Location Surveillance To Fight COVID-19:
Russia – Government Is Working With China’s Facial Recognition Company Huwaei (HikiVision):
Italy – Supervisory Authority Publishes FAQs on Data Protection and COVID-19:
Hong Kong – Mandatory tracking bracelets for people returning to the country:
Hong Kong – Pandemic Dining: Temperature Checks, Time Limits, and Dividers
Argentina – Google Fined 280 thousand pesos for denying access to a user’s personal data:

Joe has tons more news links from this week compiled for you over on MassPrivateI.

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