Sep 032011
 September 3, 2011  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Non-U.S., Online

Yesterday I linked to a news story about a lawsuit against Canadian ISP The suit alleges that the firm broke U.S. laws by providing an American citizen’s user’s information to the Thai government.

Simon Roughneen had some additional coverage of the case on PBS, including a link to the complaint. Interestingly, it appears that is a Delaware (U.S.) corporation although its principal place of business in Ontario, Canada.

Matthew Lasar of Ars Technica also had coverage of the lawsuit.

Reading the complaint, I think this lawsuit is huge in its potential implications, even though the amount being sought is not particularly huge by today’s standards ($75,000.00). If the allegations are proven, a U.S. citizen was detained and harmed by a repressive government because a U.S. business turned over identifying information without any warrant or opportunity for the user to fight the release of information.

Read the complaint and keep watching this case.

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