Jan 282011
 January 28, 2011  Posted by  Business, Online

Katy Bachman reports:

Friday is Data Privacy Day and at least one company, job search giant, Monster.com, is using the occasion to announce additional privacy controls for the 68 million job seekers reached annually by behaviorally targeted ads through its Career Ad Network.

Monster is one of many Internet companies that’s recently been feeling the heat coming from probes by the Federal Trade Commission, the Commerce Department and Congress, and is taking privacy policy into its own hands before the regulators do.

“We want to make sure our users know what we’re doing with their information and that we maintain their trust. In light of what is going on, we don’t want consumers to be concerned about what we’re doing,” said Mary Cavanaugh, manager and counsel of global privacy for Monster. “We think we’re ahead of the game.”

All the recruitment ads Monster places for its company clients will now contain a hyperlink that allows consumers to either opt-out of behavioral targeted ads or provide more information for better results. Before this new just-in-time hyperlink notification, Monster provided an opt-out control through its privacy policy.

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