Mar 142018
 March 14, 2018  Surveillance, U.S.

Joe Cadillic sent me an email with a subject line comment all in capital letters. That’s usually a clue that I’m about to read a very disturbing news development.

Jerry Smith reports:

Delaware could be among the first states to use mobile driver’s licenses.


Features of the mDL that will be tested include:

• Enhanced privacy for age verification: No need to show a person’s address, license number and birthdate. The mobile driver’s license will verify if the person is over 18 or 21 and display a photo.

• Law enforcement use during a traffic stop: The mobile driver’s license will allow law enforcement officers to ping a driver’s smartphone to request their driver’s license information before walking to the vehicle.

Read more on Delaware Online. I’m guessing it was that second bullet that really made Joe apoplectic.