Apr 272015
 April 27, 2015  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

Melissa Stern reports:

A metro mom says some students have taken cyberbullying to a whole new level. Her daughter is the victim, and she says school-issued technology is to blame.

Amy Laughlin says school-issued iPads at Belton Middle School have become more problematic than useful. Her daughter in the seventh grade says she’s receiving bullying emails on her iPad from someone hacking into other students’ accounts.

Read more on Fox4kc.com. The “hacking” was facilitated by the fact that a generic password had been issued to the students with the iPads, and many students hadn’t changed their passwords, it seems.


“One of the first things we`ve done is have our students set up a different username or password or both,” the Superintendent explained.

The superintendent also said they remind students to keep their passwords private. The district is working on character education in class, and tracking down students using the iPads inappropriately.

I hope they educate the students that posing as someone else could run them afoul of the law, even if they’re not posing as someone else to harass people.

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