Nov 062012
 November 6, 2012  Posted by  Misc

Betsy Webster reports:

This election cycle has brought a new approach to getting out the vote – using voting records to shame people into voting.

Kenny Whetzel was shocked and offended by the mailing he received at his rural Smithville home. It listed his supposed voting record in the past two elections and those of six neighbors, indicating it went out to all of them and would be updated after Tuesday’s election. A voting list of who was naughty and who was nice so to speak.

“What they’re doing is legal, but it’s unethical,” he said.

Whetzel said he voted in 2008, but the mailing said he didn’t but did in 2004.

How someone votes is not public record, but whether he or she votes is.

Read more on KCTV.

So it’s legal, okay.  But what does it tell you about the party or platform that would send out such postcards or letters?  I don’t know about you, but it tells me that I’d never vote for their candidate in a gadzillion years because however legal, it displays a profound disregard for privacy.

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