Feb 222013
 February 22, 2013  Posted by  Breaches

Elizabeth Dunbar reports:

When she learned that a Department of Natural Resources employee who inappropriately looked at her driver’s license data was her neighbor four doors down the street, Diana Knutson was on edge.

“I feel so violated,” said Knutson, of Woodbury. “This is total just pure invasion of your privacy — no different from someone breaking into my home.”


Some state lawmakers have also expressed outrage over the incident, especially after the state Legislative Auditor suggested on Wednesday that inappropriate use of the data could be widespread. But with data about people so easily accessed online, some Minnesotans have accepted the fact that people are able to search for them.

MPR News asked members of its Public Insight Network how they would react if they knew their driver’s license information had been accessed inappropriately. About two-thirds of the four dozen people who responded said they would feel concerned, or even violated. But the other third said their opinion would depend on how the information was used.

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