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 October 17, 2010  Posted by  Court, Surveillance

David Chanen reports:

In most police misconduct lawsuits, it’s the victim’s word against the officer’s.

Recardo Meeks has the video.

It shows two Minneapolis officers doing a strip and body cavity search on a city street and is now a key piece of evidence in Meeks’ complaint and lawsuit against the city.

While police Chief Tim Dolan said he can’t comment on pending litigation or unfinished internal affairs cases, officers Daniel Anderson and David O’Connor face disciplinary action for failing to notify a supervisor about the strip search.


The video shows Meeks leaving his car and getting patted down and then handcuffed. It appears an officer looked inside Meeks’ car. A short time later, an officer pushed Meeks’ head down toward the trunk of the squad car and both officers pulled down Meeks’ pants and underpants. After searching the garments, an officer grabbed latex gloves from the squad’s trunk and removed tissue and a small amount of marijuana from Meeks’ buttocks.

Read more in the Star Tribune.

Hat-tip, Simple Justice

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