Nov 252015
 November 25, 2015  Posted by  Business, Featured News

Blair Hanley Frank reports:

People who updated to the latest Windows 10 update may want to double-check their settings. Microsoft revealed Tuesday that it took the previous update (which was released on November 12) down from the Internet the day before because of a problem that reset some users’ privacy settings when installed.

The bug reset settings on affected devices to make it easier for advertisers to track users across applications, and allow devices to share users’ information with wireless gizmos like bluetooth beacons that don’t explicitly pair with a PC, tablet or phone.

Read more on PCWorld.  The Register also covers the issue, noting:

Indeed, this update is supposed to correct the overwritten settings. Microsoft has come under fire for its odd approach to privacy in Windows 10, but at least in this case it acted fast fixing the cockup.

The November update, version 1511 aka build 10586, is now available again via MCT for people with machines to manage.

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