Dec 142012
 December 14, 2012  Posted by  Business, Online

Diana Bass reports:

Microsoft is sticking with a decision to make it harder to track users’ online behavior, earning plaudits from privacy groups but drawing fire from the advertisers that its money-losing Web unit needs most.

Despite months of criticism that the new tools cut off valuable customer-targeting information, Microsoft has no plans to change the automatic setting in its newest Internet Explorer browser that tells websites not to track user behavior, general counsel Brad Smith said.

Read more on Boston Globe.

Way to not back off!

  One Response to “Microsoft to keep privacy protection”

  1. Good, I’m sure Europe would agree with MS here, tracking would be unlawful without being opted into first there.

    It’s a shame they forgot to replace ‘Cookies’ with ‘Trackers’ when writing their laws. I’m sure that the vast 99.999% of websites out there can manage without tracking ANYONE, Cookies however are considered part of web functionality, you can use the web without those too, but the ability to personalise and manage web accounts disappear.

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